Hello, I am Mustafa Oushadi. I am a passionate Photo/videographer based in France.




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    May I call this a VLOG?

    Well, I’ve finally done it. I went out and shoot outside my house for the first time on Youtube.

    Three weeks ago, I had the chance to buy a second-hand lens for my Sony A7 III, and I was so happy and excited about it. I thought it might be a good opportunity to share my thoughts and the results I could get from this beautiful glass piece. I watched many YT videos talking about the actual lens to get the inspiration and have a clear idea about what I must do and talk about. In the end, I got the idea of making a little vlog. I directly wrote a little script and thought about how I can bring my idea to life. The next day I just made the set, turn on the camera, and filmed everything as simple as that.

    Starting a Youtube channel was a huge jump for me. Talking to the camera had always made me super uncomfortable. Still, after doing all of this and looking back at it, I feel more confident and believe that whatever I do today will make a big difference in my future. Today I am happy to share with you my first vlog and a little review About the Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 for Sony cameras.

    Do what you can’t.

    Casey Neistat
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