Hello, I am Mustafa Oushadi. I am a passionate Photo/videographer based in France.




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    Well, Hello,
    Bonjour, Salam.

    I’m Mustafa — a Photographer and creator based in France. I started as a Photographer, but now I do a mix of everything from shooting videos to making websites and great designs. 

    Here is
    What I do!

    Personally, an excellent photos don’t only display some facts, they tell stories, awake feelings and manage to share with the audience the emotions I experienced when clicking the shot button.
    Still photos are important, are only able to convey one instance of a memory at a time. A video, on the other hand, is a powerful medium, it brings the story to life and allows you to relive it in sound and motion.

    Here is what People say

    Great attention to details, creative and friendly. He’s supportive and his style is unique which makes him suitable for the job. Highly recommended !
    Oussama Eloifi
    Pro Photographer
    Mustafa est un photographe de talent, toujours ébahie de la qualité de ses photos et vidéos !

    Salomé Ecobichon
    An amazing friend
    Mustafa is a very talented videographer and photographer. I worked with him several times on many professional projects. He always provides a perfect job.
    Rémi Poupon
    Pro Videographer

    They trust me

    Have an idea? Let’s do something great together!